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Patreon Monthly: Gooed Friends.


Ok. So I have been hammering away at comm fics that I needed some time to just let the creative juices run wild. The only theme suggestion I had gotten for the monthly [Patreon] theme had been “Multi-limb”. Well… I frickin love slime boys, and I had been looking for an excuse to play around with the theme. So I used this as an excuse to try it out, but before I knew it I had created a new character that I had fallen in love with and this ficlet ballooned into a full fledged story. Not that I am complaining. It felt good to let my mind and my kinks run wild. So without further ado, I present tonight’s story which is rife with gooey fun, cute sappy young love, multi-limbs, consentacles and some mild muscle and junk growth for good measure. :9

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Demonpunch wa-taaahh! Slimekick counter!!

Want your demon AND slime monster fix? You can satisfy both urges if you help us reach our goal and make the Monster Anthology: Demon Edition possible! By doing so you can acquire a version of our previous project of the anthology series with slimes!

★ Only tens of days left so help us fight the good fight!

★ Make sure to follow Monster Anthology tumblr for more news!

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